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The Gardener

(The first book in the Detective Riley Finn series)
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Detective Riley Finn is the youngest female cop to ever join Chicago’s Special Crimes Unit (SCU). She has a rare gift that gives her an edge over other cops: she can see the aura of anyone she meets, in particular the auras of those with evil intentions. But her gift comes with a stiff price: it opens up the minds of evil allowing her to hear the vilest of thoughts. Being able to hear evil is a secret Finn holds close to the vest, one she doesn’t dare share with anyone, not even her mentor Captain Paul Williams.

“Hello Detective Finn, how does your garden grow?”

When a serial killer nicknamed the Gardener takes a special interest in Detective Riley Finn, she quickly finds herself pulled into a twisted guessing game where facts and fantasy become blurred. As the Gardener slowly infiltrates every aspect of Detective Finn’s life, dropping hints about her past, Finn falls deeper and deeper into his rabbit hole of riddles and half-truths. Each time she gets closer to the Gardener, he gifts her with another dead body.

The Gardener is always one step ahead, and he has a final surprise for Finn that will shatter her world. Determined to learn what secrets he holds, Detective Finn ventures inside a mind made of pure evil where she stumbles upon the disturbing truth hidden among his evil thoughts.

What began with a phone call and a nursery rhyme might end with more than Detective Finn can handle. Can she stop the Gardener before he completes his dark nursery rhyme rendition? Or will she become the next flower in his garden of death? Find out in this novel by mystery thriller author Anne Ferretti.

Genre: Mystery

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