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Chelsea Field has lived an exciting life for an introvert. Shes fallen off a galloping racehorse, faced down dozens of Australias most dangerous animals (including vicious roosters, for those of you whove read EAT, PRAY, DIE), and while shes never sold buns or coffee for a living like her protagonist, shes consumed plenty of both.Yes, all of those points are about animals or food. I told you shes an introvert.After writing a romantic comedy (no, you cant read it) where the hero was a photographer from Burnside and then meeting and marrying a photographer from Burnside a few years later, shes a little worried her writing has weird prophetic fate-like powers. So she makes sure nothing too bad ever happens to her characters, just in case life decides to imitate fiction again.

Genres: Cozy Mystery
Eat, Pray, Die
   1. Eat, Pray, Die (2016)
   2. The Hunger Pains (2016)
   Taste of Christmas (2016)
   3. Poison Is the New Black (2017)
   4. Poison and Prejudice (2017)
   5. Duty and the Beast (2018)
   6. The Killer of Oz (2019)

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