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Let Thy Children Come

(The first book in the Hammer and Sharpe Noir Mystery series)
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Two days before Halloween, seven-year-old Kyle Robinson does not return home from school, and private investigator, recovering addict, and avowed cynic Sam Sharpe is hired by his parents, Sheila and Arthur Robinson, to find the boy. Sharpe soon finds himself entangled with local crime lord Wallace North and his savage enforcers.

Meanwhile, Judah Hammer, a tough ex-con with a good heart, is release from jail after serving three years for manslaughter, and returns home to his large and loving family. Judah’s father, a well-respected banker, is killed by a bomb that goes off at his bank, and Judah suspects that North is behind his father’s death.

This noir mystery thriller includes a strong cast of fascinating, ongoing supporting characters, from vicious killers to femme fatales, and multiple riveting interwoven stories.

Fans of Robert Crais, Lee Child, John Sandford will love this first in series, Let Thy Children Come, Hammer and Sharpe Noir Mystery Thrillers: Book 1, by the author of the 6-book award-winning Dora Ellison Mystery Series.


What a genuinely mesmerizing and haunting noir thriller meets mystery read. The depths of layering the author did with this narrative were superb, allowing the reader to quickly get lost in the unfolding mystery as it unraveled before their eyes. The way the author constantly escalated the danger and story was excellent, starting rapidly with the case of the missing child and a bed of complex conspiracies being discovered on both sides of the law as time passed.

The incredible world-building and character development were terrific. The thought-provoking twists in the characters’ stories and the mesmerizing way the author presented new challenges that made each character suspect at times while also giving readers and the protagonists a familiar foe to face made the characters’ arcs that much more powerful. Getting multiple perspectives on the mystery allowed readers to be confronted by this haunting narrative on numerous fronts.

Engaging, thrilling, and thought-provoking author David E. Feldman’s Let Thy Children Come is a must-read noir mystery novel. The plot’s twists and turns and the unraveled web of conspiracy will keep readers invested, and the heart-pounding action and suspense will have readers eager for the next entry in this fantastic new series. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

Anthony Avina, Book Blogger

The strength of Let Thy Children Come lies as much in its flawed, recovering main characters as it does in their efforts to juggle moral and ethical quandaries during the course of their investigation.

Add in a noir atmosphere that permeates the mean streets they both walk for a fine sense of discovery and danger which makes for a thoroughly engrossing mystery that libraries and genre readers will find especially inviting.

David E. Feldman excels at adding a cast of characters that revolve around Hammer and Sharpe’s investigation. Each of these emerge as powerful contenders for reader interest and attention.

Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

Genre: Mystery

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