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Survivor: Books 4-6

(A book in the Survivor series)
An omnibus of novels by

Rewriting You
I’m a mom to teenagers…
I’m also my late husband’s executioner.
He was an abusive man on the fast track to devastation. He hung me from a fancy chandelier to die.

Had my saviours driven the long way home, I wouldn’t be here today to tell my story.
It’s been a long road since then, but my children and I have finally moved back to town.
It’s time to lay some ghosts to bed.
It’s time to truly thank my heroes.
It’s time to start living again.
My name is Lindsi Conner, and it’s time to rewrite my story.
Cocky? Check!
Handsome? Double check!
Free spirited and loving it? Check, check, check.
My name is Oscar Franks – Deputy Oscar Franks – and I love my life exactly the way it is.
I’m thirty-six years old and single by choice. I don’t need complications in my life.

That’s what I’ve been telling myself, anyway. That was until she came to town.

Always You
What does any self respecting socialite do when she finds her husband screwing his secretary on HER dining room table?

She gets petty revenge a'la Louisville Slugger, then she runs home and pretends her whole life isn’t in tatters.

But when this princess can no longer pretend, she pulls on her big girl panties, slips out of her Louboutins and into her Nikes and gets a job for the first time in her life.


Fifteen years ago, Marc was the poor kid who didn’t have two coins to rub together.
He was working hard to earn his keep, and as a side benefit, was serving the prettiest princess at the local country club while she shot glares at his back - it didn't matter to him whether they were death glares or gazes of adoration, she watched him walk away.
She watched every time.

Now Marc and Meg are grown, and she's the one wearing an apron and serving up meals.

Oh how the tables have turned.

What’s a bowl of poisoned soup between friends? She wouldn’t actually kill him.

They’re just empty threats... right?

Take A Chance on Me

This set includes the final THREE full length books in the Survivor Series.

Genre: Romance

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