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Heather Fox

Heather Fox has been inhaling science fiction romance for years and decided it was high time she wrote some of her own. She writes books with devoted alien males who love to tend to their female’s every need. Because what girl wouldn’t want a devoted, sexy partner with extra abilities and, ahem, appendages?

She lives in England with her husband (who is not an alien, but sure behaves like one sometimes) and politely asks American readers to forgive her British-isms. She’s always available on the other end of an email if you ever need a translation!

New and upcoming books
Mates for the Raskarrans
   1. Stranded (2021)
   2. Saved (2021)
   3. Scorched (2021)
   4. Seduced (2021)
   5. Silenced (2022)
   6. Seized (2022)
   7. Changed (2023)
   Surrender (2024)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Whisper (2018)

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