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An American Dream Girl

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Esq., c., AT NAPLES. London. MY DEAR AULDJO, Permit me, as a memento of the pleasant hours we passed together, and the intimacy we formed, by the winding shores and the rosy seas of the old Parthenope, to dedicate to you this romance. It was written in, perhaps, the happiest period of my literary life when success began to brighten upon my labours, and it seemed to me a fine thing to make a name. Reputation, like all possessions, fairer in the hope than the reality, shone before me, in the gloss of novelty and I had neither felt the envy it excites, the weariness it occasions, nor (worse than all) that coarse and painful notoriety, that something between the gossip and the slander, which attends every man whose writings become known surrendering the grateful privacies of life to The gaudy, babbling, and remorseless day.
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