book cover of Locke


(The fourth book in the Iron Fang series)
A novel by

A club formed for the rogues of the supernatural world.
These were the rejected, the forsaken, and cast out.
Their mates wronged them, but they must suffer the price.
Their soul is broken and never meant to be mended.
Now they wait until their souls go rabid
and wait for death to take them.

President of the Iron Fang.
He built an MC to help those in need.
But it was really him that needed the help.
Locke was psychotic, always with an evil glint in his eye.

His history was unknown, scattered with violence and torment.
As his wolf slowly took over, it only got worse.
Until Locke couldn’t hold back anymore.
Now he’s rabid.

Too strong to be chained, Locke roams the forest as a rabid wolf.
His MC was too fearful to take their former president down.
Luckily for them, Locke’s mate shows up.

Emm isn’t the calm, delicate Luna they were looking for.
She’s a bounty hunter with her own demons.
Emm’s here for the fight, and the money.
She’ll find the target, but taking him out is a different story.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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