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An anthology of stories edited by

Anthology of original science fiction. Includes an introduction by the editors, and these stories: "Sand Castles" by Jack C. Haldeman, II; "Before the Great Space-War" by Barry N. Malzberg; "The P.T.A. Meets Che Guevara" by Robert Wissner; "The Legend of Lonnie and the Seven-Ten Split" by E. Michael Blake; "Webster" (1973)" by Greg Bear; "The First Few Kinds of Truth" by James Sallis; "A Gross Love Story" by Arthur Byron Cover; "Recourse, Inc." by Vonda N. McIntyre; "Sign at the End of the Universe" by Duane Ackerson; "No Room for the Wanderer" by Lee Saye; "Hung Like an Elephant" by Steven Utley and Joe Pumilia; "Delta Flight 281" by James Sallis; "Message of Joy" by Arthur Byron Cover; "Womb, with a View" by Steven Utley; "How Xmas Ghosts Are Made" by David R. Bunch; "Cowboys, Indians" by Edward Bryant.

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