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Koala Online

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A daring koala named Ranger experiences an exciting life in his youth. His adventures return him to his beloved Dallas Zoo. His fame makes him the star attraction until his prowess fades. Time flies in his enclosure as he ages. No longer a bold spry hero, the bitter old koala becomes tired and bored.

His handler, Barbra, takes him out of the zoo to help her daughter, Tiffany, connect with reality. Tiffany is addicted to a virtual life, preferring to live her life inside her gaming pod. Prohibited from playing for a visit, and left to bond with a koala in real life, she does the unthinkable. She skips their bonding time to insert Ranger into Myriad Online.

Oh, teenagers and their love for gaming. Her thought process was Ranger could earn her some coins while she does chores. Wrong. Ranger transitions during the upload, becoming trapped in Myriad Online. The first animal to be converted into a character in gaming history.

Twisted fate deals our furry friend a new hand. Ranger is altered by an evil AI. By day he plays a human character. By night he reverts back to his koala form, assigned as an NPC mayor in charge of improving a run-down outpost. Join Ranger as he quests to earn gold, build his base, and adapt to his new digital life.

Genre: Children's Fiction

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