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Cory J. Herndon has written or co-written numerous novels and short stories in the Magic: the Gathering line, including the finale of the Mirrodin books, the entirety of the Ravnica Cycle, and (with Scott McGough) the Lorwyn novels (plus one novella). His first book, The Living Dead, was written under the pseudonym T.H. Lain. He's edited, designed, and written material for pen-and-paper roleplaying games including the original Star Wars D20 RPG book Ultimate Alien Anthology.

Cory spends his daylight hours (and some of the evenings) writing and designing content for WildStar, an upcoming MMORPG from Carbine Studios and NCsoft. Previous day jobs include writer and designer on Guild Wars and Pirates of the Burning Sea.

He lives in Southern California with his wife, author S.P. Miskowski. They are joined by cats Bayliss and Remo, who enjoy food, sleeping, and hanging out

Genres: Fantasy
Game Books
   Guild Wars Factions (2006) (with Bobby Stein)
Series contributed to
Magic The Gathering
   47. The Fifth Dawn (2004)
   51. Ravnica (2005)
   52. Guildpact (2006)
   53. Dissension (2006)
   57. Lorwyn (2007) (with Timothy Sanders)
   60. Eventide (2008) (with Scott McGough)