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D W Hawkins

D.W. Hawkins haunts the badlands of southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. Sightings in the wild are rare, and this creature should be approached with caution. If you insist on pursuing this dangerous animal,
   Defiant Guardians (2018) (with Stevie Collier, Aaron Hodges, Andy Peloquin and Jacob Peppers)
   From the Shadows: Villainous Tales of Dark Lords, Despots, and Devils (2020) (with Zaid Samer Alshattle, Jeff Bacon, J P Burnison, Jamie Edmundson, Jamie Edmunson, Miri C Golden, Angel Haze, Aaron Hodges, Bethany Hoeflich, Joe Jackson, JC Kang, Eric T Knight, Jeffrey L Kohanek, Eileen Mueller, Jacob Peppers, Allegra Pescatore, Rachel Rener, Christopher Russell, Stacey Trombley, J T Williams and Sarah K L Wilson)
   From The Ashes: Legends Never Die (2021) (with Moud Adel, Jeffrey Bardwell, Lee C Conley, Justin Fike, Angel Haze, Andy Peloquin, Allegra Pescatore, Rachel Rener and Christopher Russell)