book cover of Glory - Humanity\'s Retribution Part 1
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Glory - Humanity's Retribution Part 1

(The fourth book in the Glory series)
A novel by

Glory leads the way as Drake convinces Earth to cut out the heart of their enemy.

A ghost fleet of warships, raised from the ashes, with
Glory at their head. The Paragon are on their heels. The time to strike is now.

Out of sight might be out of mind, but it’s the right thing to do. Drake doesn’t care about the fickle whims of humanity’s support and how easily they had been manipulated in the past. He stays above the noise as long as the bureaucracy stays out of his business, and his business is war.

Captain Drake takes the aged warriors of the ghost fleet deep into enemy space. Cut-off from Earth, they alone will determine if humanity can achieve dominance within the galaxy to establish peace, keep the war far away.

But the Paragon have their own plans. The greater the reward, the greater the risk. On a pitched battlefield, head-to-head, nowhere to run, who comes out on top?

Will it be defeat?

Or Glory?

Pick up the fourth installment in this epic military science fiction series today.

Genre: Science Fiction

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