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Know Thy Enemy

(The fifth book in the Grimm's War series)
A novel by

All Jacob Grimm needs is a fast ship and a star to sail her by.

The war isn't going well. While the Alliance and their ally reinforce the wormhole, the Caliphate ravages the rest of the Consortium with perfectly timed attacks that are crippling their ship production. No matter where the Consortium defends, the Caliphate is one step ahead.

Secretary of the Navy Wit DeBeck knows how, secret faster-than-light communications, but he can't stop them, not without the president's approval.

For the same reason the Consortium can't pull ships from the Wormhole, neither can the Alliance. Wit doesn't need a task force, though, just a handful of light ships to steal the most valuable technology in the entire galaxy.

He even has the location...

A secret base orbiting a black hole that creates a natural barrier to starlane travel. Whatever ship they send better be fast, because if it isn't, the gravitational forces of the black hole will rip it to shreds.

Good thing the Navy has just such a ship... and a commander crazy enough to pull off the impossible.

From USA Today bestselling author Jeffery H. Haskell comes a military science fiction epic in the tradition of Honor Harrington and Star Trek. If you love heroes and starships, then take up the flag and prepare to know thy enemy. You're in the Navy now!

Genre: Science Fiction

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