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Ka was born and raised in Utah in the shadow of the most spectacular mountains on earth. A lifelong learner with two degrees in nursing, her expertise is in the field of mental health. Somewhere between raising her family, going to school, working and getting the laundry done, she managed to write a novel that takes an unvarnished look at imperfect love, loss, and bipolar disorder. Her underlying faith in the resiliency of the human spirit shines through in her debut Dancing on Broken Glass. Read it.
   Empower: Mind Over Matter (2017) (with Heather E Ash, Cherry Chevapravatdumrong, Paul Grellong, Daniel K Hoh, John Paul Bullock III, Bo Yeon Kim, Pang-Ni Landrum, Erika Lippoldt, Jenny Lynn, Kam Miller, LaToya Morgan, Jennifer Quintenz, Kira Snyder, Monique Sorgen and Jeane Wong)