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Michelle Holman

New Zealand

Michelle Holman is an author living in Cambridge, New Zealand who writes Romantic Comedies with a distinctly New Zealand flavour. Her books have been bestsellers and the movie rights for her first book, Bonkers  have been optioned. Shes published by HarperCollins in New Zealand and Australia, and Droemer Knaur in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  

Michelle writes what she likes to read:- romances with strong men and women that are guaranteed to put a smile on her readers faces and always have a happy ending. She thinks were bombarded with enough of the sad stuff in the paper and on the news and doesnt see why she should add to it. That doesnt mean everything is plain sailing for her heros and heroines or that they dont hit tricky situations, they do, and watching them dig themselves out of the mess theyve unwittingly landed in is when the fun starts. According to Michelles husband, it isnt so surprising that her characters frequently descend into mayhem because Michelle frequently does the same thing on the way between one of her light bulb moments -Ive just thought of a great idea for a story! to actually finishing the book. Shes researched Dairy Farming (how are cows artificially inseminated turkey baster?) and the telephone sex industry (dominatrix sex is it possible over the phone?), as well as serious issues like dyslexia and breast cancer.

One of her proudest moments happened in the frozen food section of a supermarket when a man asked her if she was that writer, Michelle Holman and when she said yes, complained that his wife hadnt cooked dinner all weekend because shed been reading one of Michelles books. The memory still brings a tear to Michelles eye and she hopes to be responsible for the rumbling of mens stomachs for many years to come.
   Bonkers (2007)
   Divine (2008)
   Knotted (2010)
   Barefoot (2010)
   Hand Me Down (2012)