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(Richard Henry Sampson)
UK flag (1896 - 1973)

Richard Henry Sampson FCA, known by the pseudonym Richard Hull, was a British writer who became successful as a crime novelist with his first book in 1934.

Genres: Mystery
Inspector Fenby
   The Murderers of Monty (1937)
   Excellent Intentions (1938)
     aka Beyond Reasonable Doubt
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   The Murder of My Aunt (1934)
   Keep It Quiet (1935)
   The Ghost It Was (1936)
   Murder Isn't Easy (1936)
   And Death Came Too (1939)
   My Own Murderer (1941)
   The Unfortunate Murderer (1942)
   Left Handed Death (1946)
   Last First (1947)
   Until She Was Dead (1949)
   Invitation to an Inquest (1950)
   A Matter of Nerves (1950)
   The Martineau Murders (1953)
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