Sarah Hawke

Sarah Hawke is a prolific writer of science fiction and fantasy in multiple genres, including erotica, harem, and bondage. Her books are known for their intricate world-building, twisting plots, and fleshed-out characters—and of course their many intense, steamy sex scenes.
If you are interested in traditional harem stories with a male PoV and multiple girls, The Lost Fleet is the perfect place to start! Wings of the Seraph is a shorter, older series but also hits most of the traditional harem notes. Shadow of the Seraph features a rotating male and female pov with some F-F scenes involving a shapeshifter with futa, so avoid that unless it is your jam!
Her fantasy universe features many types of erotica stories involving bondage (Elf Slave, all the Spider Queen books) and non-traditional harems (The Amazon's Pledge, The Amazon's Vengeance). She also has two ongoing fantasy erotica series with intense action and multiple PoVs, War of the White Throne and The Blade of Highwind.


Genres: Science Fiction
New Books
September 2022

(Lost Fleet , book 2)
December 2022

(Lost Fleet , book 3)

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