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(Book 27 in the Human Chronicles series)
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A simple mission ... turns into Adam Cain's greatest adventure and the galaxy's most-dangerous challenge. Who didn't see that coming?

From international bestselling science fiction author T.R. Harris comes BOOK #27 in his epic space opera adventure about Human Superiority within the galaxy, and the unfortunate aliens who get in our way.

The Human Chronicles Saga

Book #27: Phantoms

Adam Cain - the alien with an attitude - is at it again, although what 'it' is isn't exactly clear.

With the question lingering what happened to the evil Mad Aris Kracion, Adam and his team are preparing to follow the clues to an answer. But first, Adam must make a quick detour to help a stranded Summer, Monty and Tidus get off the planet Sasin, the most dangerous place in the galaxy. It's a no-big-deal mission which quickly devolves into the beginning of the greatest challenge for Adam and his team.

Phantoms begins the next great story arc in the adventures of Adam Cain, where old enemies are resurrected and the goals and motivations of ancient creatures are finally revealed. It's a lot more complicated universe than first assumed where lost memories and phantom entities hold deadly secrets that should have stayed buried.

Both Adam and Summer are going through strange and not-so-subtle changes; Adam from the mind-meld he did with the super mutant Panur, and Summer from her contact with the Essence of J'nae. Neither of them saw this coming, but both end up having to rely on their new superpowers for survival.

Phantoms is a high-energy, thrill-a-minute ride involving ancient enemies, desperate Cartel members and the populations of entire planets in a mad rush to capture or kill our heroes. Unfortunately - for the bad guys - they never seem to learn lesson #1: You don't mess with the Humans. Not if you want to live.

As with all the novels in The Human Chronicles Saga, this one is full of breathtaking sci-fi adventure and wry humor, including the sharp banter between the team members that fans of the series have come to expect.

Don't wait. Pick up your copy of Phantoms today ... and let the space opera adventure begin!

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