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Tom Holt Omnibus

An omnibus of novels by

This book contains two complete novels by English fantasy humorist Tom Holt.

In My Hero, novelist Jane Armitage is surprised when her characters begin writing back to her. She had no idea that besides the reality we are all aware of, there is a Realm of Fiction, where the literary characters are really actors, haunting a central casting agency looking for similar roles in new books. Jane's troubles begin in earnest when she enters Fiction looking for Skinner, a writer trapped there decades ago, and-with the help of Hamlet, Piglet, Titania, and Holmes-uncovers a plot to merge Fiction and Reality.

In Who's Afraid of Beowulf?, an archeologist accidentally releases Hrolf Earthstar and his twelve Viking champions from a magical sleep. Intent on resuming their war with an ancient nemesis, the Valhallans find he has been awake all this time, and busy binding the human race with the magic of cars, TV, and computers.

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