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Grand Admiral Aatroxiss

(The first book in the Starship Fleet Commander series)
A novel by

In another galaxy far from Earth, an evil Empire controls 3/4ths of the star systems and yearns for more. Those regions not under their control have either traded obedience for their sovereignty, are too wild to tame, or too dangerous for Imperial troops to tread upon.

The main thorn in the Emperor's side is the Frontier, which occupies a third of the lawless and barbaric Outer Rim. Countless commanders and fleets have been sent to pacify and annex it into the Empire. All have failed.

The meager colonies established in the region are beset by constant wars and disasters. So the Emperor decides to change strategy. If an Imperial commander cannot give him what he desires, then perhaps an enemy can.

Aatroxiss, one of the few surviving members of the Keeno Order that the Empire has hunted to near annihilation, is captured and brought before the Emperor himself. But before Aatroxiss can wield the Kalla and kill him in his own throne room, the Emperor makes him an offer he cannot refuse.

The Frontier, given to Aatroxiss under the guise of him serving the Empire. He can do whatever he wishes with the region, so long as he brings order to it. Conflicted by wanting to kill the Emperor and avenge the deaths of the other Keenos, he wisely hesitates as he sees the opportunity in this. For over 200 years the Rebellion has failed to free a single world from the Empire. But if he agrees to become the Emperor's Grand Admiral in charge of the Frontier, he could free hundreds of worlds, if not thousands, from Imperial tyranny in fact, if not in name.

The Emperor knows it too, and in his gloating way has cornered Aatroxiss. Will he choose vengeance or rescuing others?

A Keeno can make only one choice, and as predicted, he strikes a deal with the Emperor for the sake of the billions of people in the Frontier. Thus Grand Admiral Aatroxiss is born, and upon his shoulders all of the Frontier's problems are about to be heaped while the Emperor continues his tyranny of the rest of the civilized galaxy...

Genre: Science Fiction

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