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Tarot's Ninth Harbinger

(The ninth book in the Divine Apostasy series)
A novel by

In the wake of a cosmic upheaval, Ruwen emerges as an angelic being, his newfound Divinity granting him not just wings but a destiny intertwined with the fate of the universe. "The Ninth Harbinger" unfolds as a tale of gods and powers beyond comprehension, set against a backdrop where the fabric of reality itself is at stake.

After surviving a vicious onslaught by six deities, Ruwen inadvertently unleashes the System, a force constrained since the dawn of the universe. Now unshackled, the System alters the cosmic order, creating rifts leading to fragments of destroyed universes. These rifts, brimming with strange artifacts and untold powers, present a tantalizing yet perilous opportunity for those brave enough to explore them.

Amidst this chaos, the Harbinger quest emerges—a role laden with immense power, destined for only one. This is unwelcome news for Ruwen, who already carries the burden of restoring Spirit to the universe. The rifts provide a path for other deities to rapidly augment their powers, threatening the delicate equilibrium and placing Ruwen’s plans in jeopardy.

Torn between universe-threatening tasks and personal desires, Ruwen grapples with the consequences of his choices. One friend lies unconscious, critically injured by Ruwen’s actions, while another mysteriously disappears from the battlefield, clutching the sword that pierced her body.

Among these critical priorities, Ruwen must lead. To survive seemingly unending conflict, the country requires sweeping changes, including guilds, multi-classing, and a merit system. Ambitious town-building projects are set to reshape the country’s cities into defendable fortresses.

When the inevitable attack arrives, Ruwen's decision to spring an obvious trap in order to save a friend leads to catastrophic consequences, threatening his friends, his allies, and potentially hurtling the universe toward ultimate destruction.

"The Ninth Harbinger" follows Ruwen, a Divine Apostasy, in his relentless pursuit of balance in a universe teetering on the brink of annihilation.

Genre: GameLit

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