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Candice Kohl

Candice Kohl was born and spent most of her life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There she worked as a copywriter in advertising and public relations. She also performed as an actress at the Sunset Playhouse, a major Midwest community theater. In her spare time, she taught English as a second language to recently arrived immigrants. She and her husband, Phil Brabant, raised two sons: Christopher is a jazz musician in New Orleans and Dustin is a student in Milwaukee. In 1993, her first book, "The String on a Roast Won’t Catch Fire in the Oven: An A to Z Encyclopedia of Common Sense" was released with excellent reviews, including one by the American Library Association. Her other titles include "Destiny's Disguise" and "A Twist in Time." Kohl has had numerous articles published in periodicals and newspapers, but her great passion has always been romance.

   A Knight's Vow (2000)
   A Knight's Passion (2000)
   Destiny's Disguise (1996)
   A Twist in Time (2002)
   Family Secrets (2013)
   Sheba's Ghost (2019)
   The Journey Home (2004) (with others)
   By Fate's Hand (2011) (with Bonnie Hamre)

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