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Fractured Realities

Tales from the Edge of Sanity
A collection of stories by

"Fractured Realities: Tales from the Edge of Sanity" by Chris Kennedy is a collection of stories that delve into the unsettling and often blurred lines between reality and madness. Each tale invites the reader to explore the eerie and mysterious depths of the human psyche, where the familiar world becomes strangely distorted.

  • Symphony of Forgotten Souls: Dive into a tale of mystery and music as Evelyn Harding deciphers a haunting melody that ties to a legacy of disappearances. Will the notes lead her to revelation or ruin?

    The Crossroads: Desperate for success, Thomas Bailey strikes a dark bargain at a crossroads. But as his fortunes rise, so does the shadow over his soul. Can he escape the price of his ambition?

    Secrets of the Whispering Woods: Sam Reynolds and his team brave the enigmatic Whispering Woods in search of hidden truths. What begins as a documentary turns into a struggle for sanity against the forest's ancient mysteries.

    Shuttered Reality: Jordan Ellis's discovery of an ancient camera reveals a world twisted with horror. As her new art captivates and consumes, she must confront the darkness within her creations and herself.

    The House That Remembers: Inheriting the stately Willoughby Hall, Ethan and Mia face its haunted legacy. A journey through love, curses, and spirits awaits, testing their resolve to uncover the truth or be consumed by it.

    Genre: Mystery

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