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Wanted: A Roommate Who Isn't Evil

(The third book in the High Court of the Coffee Bean series)
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The High Court of the Coffee Bean returns with a battle of wills and wit as two sworn enemies find themselves facing their worst nightmare—each other.

In this “enemies-to-brothers” humorous fantasy, two dangerous fae who hate each other sign a contract to share an apartment without realizing who their new roommate will be. One is Dranian Evelry, former assassin of the Brotherhood of Assassins. The other is Luc Zelsor, a deadly nine tailed fox more powerful than nearly any fae from the Dark Corner of Ever.

With several binding rules in their roommate contract such as, “No loud noises” (which means they’ll have difficulty trying to kill each other) and “No large messes” (which means once one finds a way to kill the other, they’ll need to discreetly dispose of the body) the two enemies find themselves trapped in a close quarters situation with only one solution: to try and live together until the three-month agreement runs out, unless one of them can force the other to break the contract and be kicked out of the apartment for good by management.

Thus a battle of wills begins as two fae on opposite sides of the fairy wars try to make the living accommodations unbearable for the other.

But Dranian has another problem, one he must hide from his new roommate. Whenever he falls asleep, his nights become haunted by a voice of his past, belonging to a girl who was never given a name. As she enters his nightmares and gets closer and closer to taking control of his dreams for good, Dranian is forced to remember key things about the North Corner forest village he grew up in - a place he swore never to think about again - and the girl he once gave everything for who has now returned to haunt him forever.

Dranian knows there's only one solution to keeping the girl with no name out of his dreams: Never fall asleep again.

Wanted: A Roommate Who Isn't Evil is book 3 of the High Court of the Coffee Bean series, a four-book tale that follows a band of fairy assassins who enter the human world and try to live among them, hardly blending in at all. This BookTok-inspired series is for readers who will enjoy a mashup of books like The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and the comical TV show New Girl. It's 'cozy with a dallop of darkness', loaded with cookies and ice cream, and sprinkled with a few epic deathmatches.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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