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Maggie passed away, very suddenly, on Saturday 11th August 2012.

Maggie published 23 Medical Romances with Harlequin over a career that spanned 15 years.  Her first title A BABY TO LOVE was published in 1998.In 2008  she was awarded the Cataromance Reviewers Choice Award for A BABY FOR EVE. Maggie wrote her own series of books set in Belfield Hospital and was a tremendous contributor to our continuities BRIDES OF PENHALLY BAY and ST PIRANS HOSPITAL.  She loved to involve her characters in challenging emotional issues and A BABY FOR EVE was no exception.  In it Maggie tackled the tricky subject of abortion, and pulled it off splendidly with her beautiful and thoughtful portrayal of a heroines journey to come to terms with her lost baby and reconcile with the father.

Genres: Romance
Baby Doctors
   1. Doctor and Son (2002)
   4. The Good Father (2006)

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