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Revenge School New York: When You Need To Get More Than Even

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Here’s what you need to know.
You aren’t alone in wanting revenge. Vengeance is a universal human desire.
Maybe you want to get your money and your pride back from the druggies who ripped you off. Maybe you want to kill the gang who initiated your thirteen-year-old daughter with a gang rape.
Almost nobody who deserves violent justice has the skill to get it. Most fantasize but do nothing. Which might be for the best. The ones who move forward unprepared often end up in the back of an ambulance. Or a hearse.
That’s where me and my team come in. We created the Revenge School to teach people like you how to get more than even.
Here’s what we believe.
Violent aggression is the key. To get revenge you have to be willing to go for the kill. Anything less and you are likely to wind up dead.
We don’t teach self-defense. The best self-defense is paying attention to your surroundings and getting the hell away before something horrible happens.
We don’t teach karate, jujitsu, or anything like that. The martial sports are great. But they take forever to be learn. How long are you willing to wait before you get rid of the lurking piece of crap stalking you, your son, your daughter, or your spouse?
Our students learn aggressive, violent, offensive skills. Simple things they use to destroy people intent on hurting them. Instead of being mugged, raped, knifed, or shot, our graduates do grievous bodily harm. And they do it first.
After a few lessons, clients who have been victims of violence can go
get back their pride and self-respect.
If you have more extreme problems, the Revenge Team takes you on as client.
Together, we will destroy your enemy physically, mentally, and financially. If you don’t kill them, we will anonymously turn them over to the authorities along with enough evidence to put them in a cage, hopefully forever.
Dead or alive, the bad guy’s assets are converted to cash. Which we split. First, you are reimbursed any expenses you have fronted. The rest is divided fifty-fifty. The first half goes to a charity for victims of violent crime. You get a vote in deciding which charity.

The rest goes to the team and we use it to help other victims.

You might expect that mostly women and children need our help. You’d be wrong. Almost anyone can need the Revenge Team. Some clients are rich. Some aren’t. One client was a huge power lifter who could bench press over six hundred pounds. One was a blind, midget woman.

If you are deserving, we will help.

Because I’m addicted to the clean-burning, violent adrenaline high that only comes from risking your life delivering richly deserved, instant painful justice.

My name’s Pay Back.
Yeah, that’s my real name and
before you snicker, paint this picture with your brain. I’m about six-foot-five. I weigh 280ish depending on when I last ate.

Lots of people consider me a violent vigilante.
They are right.

Others consider me their big, not quite cuddly, last resort.
They are also right.

Pay Back

Genre: Mystery

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