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Time Sniffers

(The first book in the Shadow World series)
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In the near future, a desperate race for new sources of energy pushes Bria Harrison's mother - Nobel Prize-winning scientist - to experiment with unstable compounds to harness dark energy. The result is disastrous . . .

Bria refuses to believe her mother is dead, even though dust chokes the site where the top-secret laboratory once stood. A strange symbol keeps showing up: on the dry erase board, in a pile of leaves, even in the milk her brother drips on the table. Bria has no doubt her mother, somehow, is sending her a message. But how? And where could she be? To find out, she has to do something dangerous, but she sees no other option.

While re-creating her mother's last experiment in her basement, Bria, her autistic brother Dylan, and four friends cause a rip in time-space - and out of the resultant black hole tumbles K-Six, a time sniffer who has come to get them.

This doglike alien creature takes them back through the rip to his training world, where Bria, her brother, and her friends must be altered to adapt to dangerous time confluences and worlds they must traverse to save the scientists trapped in a time eddy. If they aren't rescued soon, dark energy, now streaming into the galaxy at an alarming rate, will cause horrific destruction - including the end of all life on earth.

Bria, drawn to the brooding Jace Riggs, has no time to fall in love. But the universe doesn't spin on logic, and though Bria can't afford any distractions in her attempt to rescue her mother, she also can't ignore her heart. But it's her heart that risks losing everyone she loves as she undertakes an utterly impossible mission. Yet what other choice does she have?

"We cannot explain to you, of a shadow world, how existence behaves. You look far out at your stars in the night and think you are looking over a distance, a distance that has no end. Doesn't that seem absurd? You are looking backward in time. We say, all space is here; all time is now. That is the true nature of existence, but your species can only see shadows and illusions."

Don't miss this intense, deep time-travel story about love, faith, and perseverance in the light of great danger and impossibilities! Read what others have said about Time Sniffers:

"Time Sniffers is a funny, futurist tale of a young girl's strength to find the truth in her mother's disappearance, and to rescue her. This book will teach you a few things in the process as you buckle in for a journey that will take you on a ride past this world and the next. I loved it."

"This is an action-packed story for teens. I am an adult, but the wonderful writing, plot, characters and inventive setting kept me engrossed to the end.
C. S. Lakin has created a suspenseful and enthralling book that kids from eleven to a hundred will love. Well done!"

"Underneath this wonderful story is a tale of self-discovery and appreciation of the abilities of others. Self-sufficiency turns into trust. A sense of isolation turns into realization of the loyalty of friends.Although this is a YA story, I am an older adult who thoroughly enjoyed this exciting story. I recommend this book to both young adults and adults!"

"Having read A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle in my youth, I was intrigued to find a contemporary author create a similar story. Time Sniffers was actually something that I probably enjoyed at least as much - if not more so - than the original stories! What I found especially interesting was the use of modern physics, the time travel (and the difficulty of describing the visuals involved!), and body-technology integrations that were required for the survival of the characters."

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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Paperback Editions

April 2017 : USA Paperback

Title: Time Sniffers (Shadow World)
Author(s): C S Lakin
ISBN: 1-5209-8499-5 / 978-1-5209-8499-5 (USA edition)
Publisher: Independently published
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

Kindle Editions

December 2013 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Time Sniffers (Shadow World Book 1)
Author(s): C S Lakin
Publisher: Ubiquitous Press
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU