Danae Little

Danae Little takes real life and wraps it up neatly into something beautiful you can hold in your hands. Her greatest life trauma, losing her son by stillbirth, exists in written form for all to read and find hope within. Carson's Gifts captures the true essence of grief, personal and life touching, and then leads you to find the gifts only loss may bring.

Life is dynamic and ever-changing and Danae embraces that, bringing an eclectic array of expertise to her readers. Her years as an elementary teacher led her to author a tutorial book for teachers who use interactive whiteboards in their classrooms. Interactive Classroom Management: Interactive Tools leads teachers to discover the true potential of their interactive whiteboards as a classroom management tool.

Watching her son grow, Danae found a need to document all of his amazing accomplishments so she published three journals: Did You Hear That: A Record of All the Amazing Things Your Kid Says, Did You See That: A Record of All the Amazing Things Your Kid Does, and Baby Blessings: Guidance, Encouragement & Blessings.

Besides her keepsake journals, Danae authored a guided journal series called, Write your Marriage Back Together. This series includes three books that help spouses write connection into their marriage.

Currently Danae's fiction works include a romance novelette, Misplaced Love, and the first book in her Homestead series, Finding Home. Book 2 is already in the editing process so be sure to follow Danae in order to be the first to know when this sequel becomes available!

Danae lives in a small town at the base of the majestic Sierra's with the adventurous love of her life and their miraculous son. She spends her days feeling blessed to be chasing imaginary dragons in their magical forest and finding any quiet moment possible to put pen to paper.