Dorothy Mackie Low

(Lois Dorothea Low)
UK flag (1916 - 2002)

aka Zöe Cass, Lois Paxton

Lois Dorothea Low was born in 1916. She was a writer of romance novels from1962 to 1983 under diferent pseudonyms: Dorothy Mackie Low, Lois Paxton, andZoe Cass. She was the fifth elected Chairman (1969-1971) of the RomanticNovelists' Association and also was a former Vice-President of theorganization.
   The Glen is Ours
   Isle for a Stranger (1962)
   Dear Liar (1963)
   A Ripple on the Water (1964)
   The Intruder (1965)
   A House in the Country (1968)
   The Man Who Died Twice (1968) (as by Lois Paxton)
   To Burgundy and Back (1970)
   The Quiet Sound of Fear (1971) (as by Lois Paxton)
   Who Goes There? (1972) (as by Lois Paxton)
   Island of the Seven Hills (1974) (as by Zöe Cass)
   The Silver Leopard (1976) (as by Zöe Cass)
   A Twist in the Silk (1980) (as by Zöe Cass)
   Man in the Shadows (1983) (as by Lois Paxton)
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   Icon Affair / Smiling Goddess / Orange Branch / Sophia Verity (1983) (with Juliet Armstrong (as by Lois Paxton) , Margaret Redfern and Briony Tedgle)
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