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Omega Stained

(The third book in the Solstice Bay Inkverse series)
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Kendra has been burned and broken, but this omega is ready to rise from the ashes.

In the harsh and unforgiving underworld of Solstice Bay, omegas are marked with tattoos, their bodies adorned with the sigils of their claimed alphas. For Kendra, the tattoos she bears are more than just ink; they represent a life of restricted choices, a fate bound to the whims of others.

But Kendra is no ordinary omega. Beneath her submissive veneer lies a fiery spirit yearning to break free from the chains of tradition. Fueled by an unwavering determination to forge her own destiny, Kendra's defiance catches the attention of not just one, but several powerful and enigmatic alphas.

Carson, the Enclave's revolutionary leader.

Zane, the tattooist who finds Kendra at her darkest moment.

And Maddox, the ACB agent hunting all three of them…and who can't resist falling under Kendra's spell.

In a daring exploration of love and self-discovery, Kendra must navigate the complexities of her desires while challenging the oppressive norms that dictate her world. With danger lurking at every turn and a society that seeks to keep them apart, the alphas and Kendra must confront not only external threats but also their own insecurities.

Will Kendra find the strength to embrace her true nature and shatter the conventions of their cruel society? Can these alphas set aside their differences and come together to protect the omega they all cherish?

Or will Kendra's entanglements lead to the downfall of the Enclave?

OMEGA STAINED isa steamy whychoose Omegaverse romance that will conclude the first arc in London Lennox's Inkverse. Buckle in for the most suspenseful entry in the series so far, and an exploration of alliances, love, and of course…plenty of steam.

Genre: Science Fiction

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