Norman Lindsay

(Norman Alfred William Lindsay)
Australia (1879 - 1969)

Norman Alfred William Lindsay (1879-1969) was a prolific artist, sculptor, writer, editorial cartoonist and scale modeler, as well as being a highly talented boxer. He is widely regarded as one of Australia's greatest artists, producing a vast body of work in different media, including pen drawing, etching, watercolour, oil and sculptures in concrete and bronze. In 1901, he joined the staff of the Sydney Bulletin, a weekly newspaper, magazine and review. Lindsay wrote the children's classic The Magic Pudding in 1918. Many of his novels have a frankness and vitality that matches his art. His other works include: A Curate in Bohemia (1913), The Pen Drawings of Norman Lindsay (1918) and Creative Effort (1920).
   A Curate in Bohemia (1913)
   The Magic Pudding (1918)
   Redheap (1930)
     aka Every Mother's Son
   The Cautious Amorist (1932)
   Miracles By Arrangement (1932)
     aka Mr. Gresham and Olympus
   Pan in the Parlour (1933)
   Saturdee (1933)
   The Age of Consent (1935)
   The Flyaway Highway (1936)
   The Cousin From Fiji (1945)
   Half Way To Anywhere (1947)
   Dust Or Polish? (1950)
   Rooms and Houses (1968)
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   A Drum for Ben Boyd (poems) (1948)
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