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Steven Law and Steven Anderson Law are the pen names for Steven Anderson, under which he writes historical and contemporary fiction.  Steven was raised on a farm in southern Iowa, and he received a bachelors degree at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.In 2011 his novel YUMA GOLD (Penguin/Berkley), six weeks before its release, reached number one on Amazon.coms Western best seller list.  In 2013 he was presented with the prestigious Western Heritage Award for his work with Western literature.Like the late Elmore Leonard and Robert B. Parker, Steven Law enjoys writing in both the mystery/thriller and western genres. His historical thriller series, BLOOD FOR JUSTICE, takes the nontraditional western route with minority lead characters, Hispanic and Chinese, who form an unlikely alliance with an Anglo sheriff to offer their skills in defending the downtrodden from evil.His novel YUMA GOLD is a historical adventure in the style of Clive Cussler, where in 1904 Ben Ruby sets out to find a buried Spanish galleon in the dry desert seabed of Imperial Valley California.  Steven was inspired by the legend of this buried ship after reading several accounts in buried treasure books and an 1890s LA Times article.Though a fan of history and research, Steven Law has also made a name for himself as a writer of contemporary fiction.  To play on his love of Western culture, Steven took the universal themes of human loss and struggle and incorporated them into the culture of the modern cowboy and the sport of rodeo.  THE TRUE FATHER and THE BITTER ROAD take on these themes and remain two of Stevens most popular titles. 
Besides writing, Steven Law is also the founder and president of the Read West Foundation, Inc, a nonprofit 501 C 3 organization that helps fund marketing events to promote the growth and awareness of Western literature.  He also works as a literary publicist for many well-known writers, including the Pulitzer Prize finalist S. C. Gwynne, New York Times bestseller Stephen Harrigan, and the late Elmer Kelton.Steven lives and writes from his home in the Missouri Ozarks.

Genres: Western
ReadWest (2011) (with Don Bendell, Mike Kearby, Elmer Kelton and John D Nesbitt)
Embrace (2012) (with Kat Martin and Ellen Gray Massey)
Ellen (2015) (with Johnny D Boggs, Barri L Bumgarner, Jane Hale, Fran Massey, Marilyn K Smith, Laura L Valenti, Robert Vaughan and Larry Wood)