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Born, raised, and still residing in Detroit; T.C. Littles pens realistic urban tales that are raw and gritty. Picking up the craft at an early age, she's been climbing up the literary ladder one level at a time. Making a mark on the literary world, earning a rank as an Essence best-selling author of her freshman novel Knowledge Costs, she gained the respect of her colleagues and readers alike. Since then, she's released cutting-edge and best-selling titles such as Raised in the Trap, Gettin’ Played, Thuggin & Lovin', Call Me the Truth, and From the Back; just to name a few. Being diagnosed with Lupus, having a son with autism, and a one year old daughter hasn't slowed the warrior writer down one bit. Featured in Urban Books long-standing and popular series', Girls from da' Hood 10 and Around the Way Girls 9, TC also has upcoming releases titled Shorty Wanna be Grown, Feenin' for a Thug, and Tricks of the Trade. Expect to hear much more noise from T.C. Littles as she's working to reach higher levels and break down more doors.

T.C. Littles- can be reached at tclittles@gmail.com or by her Facebook page.

Genres: Urban Fiction
Arm Candy
   1. Arm Candy (2018)
   2. Arm Candy 2 (2022)
   Until You Made Me a Bitch (2014)
   Loyal to His Lies (2018)
   Graveyard Love (2019)
   Shorty Gotta Be Grown (2020)
   Starving for Love (2022)
   On a Mission (2023) (with Ms Michel Moore and Blacc Topp)
   The Laws of Loyalty (2023)
Novellas and Short Stories
   A Lil' Fuckin' Trouble (2014)
   The Magic of Music (2023) (with Ella Morrison)
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