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A few short years ago such a story as would have been characterised as wildly improbable if not absolutely impossible. But "today" (first quartile of the twentieth century) we are well into the Aerial Age. Such a great pirate aircraft as Mr. Le Queux imagines is by no means beyond the realms of possibility, and a story such as he tells must cause thoughtful people to realise very forcibly the immense power which command of the air gives.
The author describes vividly how the great pirate aeroplane terrorised the world, destroy ing aircraft and shipping, bombing London, New York and Paris, and spreading poison gas, disease germs and other horrors over its helpless victims. The account of the long war between the forces of order and the raider is full of breath-taking incidents, culminating in the thrilling and graphic description of the pirate craft's ultimate destruction. At this tune, when aviation is making such vast strides daily, this story is of immense interest.

Genre: Thriller

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Title: The Terror of the Air
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