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This murder mystery is set in the early part of the twentieth century, initially in one of the many sleepier coastal resorts of South Devon (England).
An elegant refined and clearly well-off eligible widow and her daughter join the town's close knit community from ... . Where? It is a mystery! Her daughter is young, well presented, attractive and intelligent: immediately she gets local heads turning.
One valued member of the community is a young solicitor whose choice of profession was determined by his father's crippling gambling losses. Resolved to his determined destiny, his one-man practice in the town rapidly earns him a reputation for integrity, confidentiality and professionalism.
So obviously an eligible bachelor, every mother in the vicinity parades their un-married daughters before him. Unmoved and even amused by their efforts, he resolves to establish himself financially before even considering matrimony. Then he meets the widow's daughter and all of his preconceived plans are thrown to the wind. They fall in love and are "affianced".
Then one windswept night in the midst of a violent storm, the daughter dies: on the discovery of the body by the live-in maid in the morning, lying prone in her bed, it is immediately established that she has been brutally murdered: strangled by a strange piece of rope with three knots. There are no signs of either entry or departure: the bedroom's only door and all of the windows are all locked... from the inside. Elsewhere in the town, a man's voice is over-heard wailing at midnight to the sound of him pacing his bedroom. "My God!" he cries out, "Oh Heaven, why did I do it? Why? Why?"
The mystery develops at speed... in London and in America. Layers of plot and sub-plot challenge the reader in a great read well constructed by one of England's greatest of mystery writers-William Le Queux.

Genre: Thriller

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Title: Three Knots
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