book cover of The Alpha Centauri Trilogy: Books 1-3

The Alpha Centauri Trilogy: Books 1-3

(A book in the T-Space: Alpha Centauri series)
An omnibus of novels by

Now, the first Alpha Centauri voyages, complete in one volume.Mankind's first voyage to the stars almost fails before it begins, and gets wilder and weirder from there.In this prequel to T-Space, a multi-ship, multinational expedition to the two Earth-like planets in the Alpha Centauri system results in dangers, double-crossings, and surprises that shake humanity's view of the universe. Yet for the crew, it strengthens their faith in themselves and each other.
This omnibus edition contains the complete text of the books Alpha Centauri: First Landing, Alpha Centauri: Sawyer's World, and Alpha Centauri: The Return.
First Landing:What else could go wrong?Franklin Drake's six-ship expedition to Alpha Centauri is down to five ships. His injured lead exobiologist has been replaced by the backup . . . who is his second-in-command's ex. And they haven't even left the Solar system.The real headaches start when they reach their destination and lose another ship. Pushing on, they discover that their two target planets are far more Earth-like than they have any right to be. Almost as if they had been deliberately terraformed . . . millions of years ago. If they survive the hazards of the planet, what they find will lead Drake to a decision that could get him court-martialed when -- or if -- they return.
Sawyer's World:Marooned?With no way to return to space, the USS Poul Anderson lands on an Earth-like planet in the Alpha Centauri system, its small crew fully expecting the USS Heinlein to be back for them in a few weeks . . . but the weeks are dragging on to months.Faced with trying to survive for an indefinite stay, they have only their wits and the meager resources of the lander to help them. No matter how Earth-like it may be, this alien world comes with alien challenges . . . and some very human surprises. How is Captain Elizabeth Sawyer going to keep her team alive until the Heinlein returns? And what if it doesn't?Inspired by Jules Verne's "The Mysterious Island" and Robert Heinlein's "Tunnel In the Sky", this is for readers who like their hard science fiction with a generous dose of action and adventure.
The Return:Rescue postponed.Commodore Franklin Drake needs to take a refueling module back to Alpha Centauri to recover the crew of the USS Poul Anderson, the ship he had to leave behind. Of course, it's never that simple.Drake faces a court-martial. The Chinese, now with their own warp drive, refuse to supply the fusion reactor any rescue ship needs, while they head off to a completely different star, Epsilon Eridani, and their own unhappy surprise.However, the biological samples Drake and the rest of the USS Heinlein crew brought back are the real surprise. A biopharmaceutical company has violated quarantine to examine them, and what they find may be the lever Drake needs help him rescue the team he left at Alpha Centauri. If they're still alive . . . . The third and final book of the Alpha Centauri trilogy, The Return follows after the events of First Landing in parallel with Book 2, Sawyer's World, and concludes the latter.
This trilogy is the beginning of the adventure. Explore T-Space!

Genre: Science Fiction

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