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World of the Greist

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In an overcrowded future the Thomases have no more or less than any other poor family who live in the Block, but what they do with what they have is very different. No matter how crowded and dirty the city becomes, the Thomas home is always a place where people begin to smile when they come in at the door. The dirty hallways on either side of their entry may be scrawled over with graffiti, but on either side of their own door the plaster is scrubbed to an even gray. The street beyond the outer set of grillwork barriers may be awash with the unwashed, but Mama Thomas' own children are clean. The gutters may be filled with empty bottles and cans, but beyond the wood and metal barrier of their door is order and warmth, a clean, safe haven amid the dangers of the city. Then the government orders the people of the block to move to another world. Anthea, Hanna, Sarah, Mark, Van, and David, the Thomas off-spring are devastated at being torn away from their roots. They feel even more wretched when they arrive on the windy, barren planet where they are to live. Life is hard, and the work to survive and build a farm is hard and back-breaking. Then Van makes a discovery that will change everyone's lives. For human beings are not alone on the planet: this is the world of the Greist. YA 12+

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