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Barbara Mutch

South Africa

Barbara was born and brought up in South Africa, the granddaughter of Irish immigrants who settled in the Karoo in the early 1900s. She went to school in Durban and Port Elizabeth and then graduated from Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape during the height of apartheid. She is married and has two sons. For most of the year the family lives in Surrey near London but spends time whenever possible at their home in the Cape. In her career, she has consulted for, launched and managed a number of businesses both in South Africa and the UK. Barbara is currently a partner in a management consulting firm. Barbara loves music and is a gifted pianist like Ada. She is an amateur naturalist with a particular interest in Cape fynbos and birds, as well as being a follower of African politics and history. Barbara is a keen golfer, and with her husband enjoys flying light aircraft.

Genres: Historical Romance