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In these six historical romances, the reader is immersed in stories of true heroism when men and women strode bravely into the face of danger to save the ones they love. CASCADING WATERWORKS Busy with her downtown beautification work, Elina Marshall witnesses near calamity as Lathe Dailey, Flora's new town manager, rescues a widow and her children from a downburst when the old railroad water tower fails. The Marshall family soon attends the world-famous 1904 St. Louis Exposition, and Lathe is invited along to contract the new waterworks that will modernize their town with running water. Romance leads the way through exotic gardens and a gondola ride, until drama unfolds down The Pike's rowdy midway. The untimely mishap drives a wedge between Lathe and the chairman of the town council - Elina's stern father. July 4th ushers in a lot auction to expand the town and pits Elina dead set against Lathe's top bid. Orderly-minded, Lathe always has a plan, but can Elina align with it? More than chaos will be "coming down The Pike" as Missouri determines to go modern with a progressive mindset that always allows room for romance. HER RELUCTANT HERO A dream shattered - a love jilted - a heart broken. People change. Is there a second chance for love above the clouds? It's the swinging sixties. An ex-fiance flies back into a stewardess's life. He dumped her once. But this war veteran knows what he wants now. Torn between attraction and fear, will she head for the runway or the hangar? She's left behind her past, with its small-town values and jilted love to see the world and become independent. He's returned from war and death with a single goal - to redeem the worst mistake of his life. She wants nothing to do with him. He wants her as his wife. Will their flight end with an emergency landing - a total crash - or a perfect glide into the right airport, the right gate, and the right destination? NOTHING COULD BE FINER Sherman E. Taylor, thinks Maggie Hart is the cutest thing since corn bread. If she just wasn't so judgmental. According to the barbershop trio though, those church going ones were the best kind to marry. He sets out to court her but has more success with her sister, Pearl. Maggie's the only woman in Lenoir that sees Sherman Taylor for the scoundrel he is. Town Hero, pffft. She plans to expose him to the community. Maggie garnered some damaging dirt on Sherm, but if she can't get her own sister, Pearl, to believe her, then how will she convince the town? NIGHT SKY BURNING After saving a little boy from a fire at the neighboring ranch, Luke has to deal with his growing feelings for the boy's widowed mother Angela. Until now, Luke didn't know what his purpose in life was, while Angela never dreamed she'd ever find love again after losing her husband in a logging accident. However, as Angela helps Luke as he heals from the fire, she discovers a different kind of flame in her heart. Will these two people let down their guard and submit to the special connection they share? JACKSON'S TREASURE When Peyton Abercrombie runs away from an arranged betrothal, she is soon discovered by Captain Jackson Lafitte stowing away aboard the Mon Cherisse. Enjoy the voyage as this romantic comedy erupts upon stormy seas. A HEALING HEART Saving an outlaw's life on her way to Texas hadn't been part of Sophie Knowles plans. It pushed her from wanting to be a doctor to becoming the first female doctor in the small town of Nacogdoches. Acceptance won't come easy, but Sophie's determination keeps her moving forward. Wesley Johnson can't shake the guilt from an apartment building fire which left him and his infant sister, Katie, orphaned in New York City. After living in an orphanage, at fifteen he flees his past looking to earn a better life for them both. After seven years and feeling like a failure, he contacts the orphanage only to find out Katie is on an orphan train heading west.

Genre: Inspirational

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August 2018 : Paperback

Title: Loving the Town Hero
Author(s): Cindy M Amos, Anne Greene, Jean Kincaid, Debby Mayne, Renee Riva, Darlia Sawyer
ISBN: 1-71818-699-1 / 978-1-71818-699-6
Publisher: Independently published
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