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Denver Murphy is a British author covering a variety of genres but one thing links them all: concerns with humanity. Whether it’s the greed of individuals, happy to risk what they have in the pursuit of more, or people’s indifference to the ills that blight society, so long as they are not directly affected themselves, each of my books has a dark undertone.

He doesn’t write to change the world but perhaps his work serves to shine a spotlight on those aspects which trouble him the most. What He really seeks to do is to entertain and engross. Literature finds itself with ever more competition with the different ways people can fill their leisure time, and yet no other media can spark the imagination in quite the same way.

A good plot can only become compelling if the characters are rich and varied. His  books are always written from their perspective and whether you find yourself rooting for them or not, you will care what happens. They are, similarly, single greatest thing that keeps him writing.

Genres: Mystery
DC Ruby Knight
   1. The Deep End (2019)
   2. Scorned (2019)
   3. Beneath the Surface (2019)
   4. Borderline (2020)

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