Eloise Madigan

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Eloise Madigan is a passionate writer who fell in love with Scotland when she was only 5 years old. On a trip to the beautiful Highlands with her family, she was encouraged by the mesmerizing scenery to start weaving intricate stories about handsome Highlanders and beautiful lasses.
Born in the US to a Scottish mother and an American father, she formed a deep bond with her mother’s roots. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing, and soon she began working as an editor for a small publishing house. But even though she liked editing, her true love lay in the short romantic stories she could write…This is when she decided to start publishing her own romance novels!
When Eloise isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.Accompany Eloise on the most wonderful trips across the mysterious Highlands, where love and adventure intertwine, and rogue Highlanders are there to save the day! A world full of burning passion and sensational stories, that promise to sweep you away, to the land of pleasure...


Genres: Historical Romance

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