Marcia Miller

Genres: Romance
   Second Chance (1963)
   The Waiting Heart (1963)
   The Rival (1964)
   Spotlight for Megan (1964)
   Tracy Evans Actress (1965)
   Dear Kate... (1966)
   The Tender Heart (1967)
   Designed By Stacey (1967)
   The Fashion Game (1967)
   To Marry for Love (1968)
   False Love (1969)
   The Roving Heart (1969)
   Secret Love (1969)
   The Sleeping Heart (1969)
   Love is Blind (1970)
   Love Betrayed (1971)
   Heart's Song (1971)
   A Lesson for Nurse Mandy (1972)
   Nurse at Sea (1972)
   The Deadly Crescent (1973)
   Nurse Kris's Trust (1973)
   Nurse of the High Sierras (1973)
   Stand-In For Romance (1973)
   Jealous Yesterdays (1974)
   Stage Mother (1974)
   Spotlight On Romance (1975)
   Woman in the Window (1975)
   Deadly Pursuit (1976)
   Watcher in the Shadows (1977)
   Nightmare in Brown (1978)
   Dark Journey (1979)
   Second (1982)
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