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aka Alex Andrews, Caroline Charles, Cathy Charles, Mary Charles, Cathy Christopher, Mary Christopher, Susan Stevens

Mary Mackie is the author of seventy books in various genres of fiction and non-fiction, original English-language hardbacks from publishers in both the UK and the USA, with numerous subsidiary editions plus translations into some twenty foreign languages.

Genres: Romance, Historical Romance
   The White Cockade (as by Mary Charles)
   Robin's Song (1971)
   Shadow on the Lake (1972)
   A Man Like Matthew (1972)
   Mist Around the Moon (1972)
   A Season for Singing (1973)
   Give Me No Rubies (1973)
   The Dark Days of Spring (1974)
   A Light in the Valley (1974)
   Waiting Web (1974)
   Blue Winter Smoke (1975) (as by Cathy Christopher)
   The Wolf of Wierdmoor (1975)
   Akin to Love (1975)
   The Flower and the Storm (1975)
   Shades of Grey (1976)
   Castle Kintyle (1976)
   The Other Side of the River (1976)
   Nicola's Winter (1976)
   The Unquiet Summer (1977)
   A Voice in the Fog (1977)
   Shadows of Yesterday (1978)
   The Whispering Well (1978)
   The Scent of Rain (1978)
   Still Weeps the Willow (1979)
   Enigma for a Nurse (1979)
   Falconer's Wood (1979)
   Straw in the Wind (1979)
   Flame in the Forest (1980)
   Into the Twilight (1980)
   Green Gypsy Fire (1980) (as by Cathy Christopher)
   Dark Ruby (1980)
   Warnings of Thunder (1981) (as by Cathy Christopher)
   Counterfeit Love (1981)
   Season of Mists (1981)
   Either Side of the Hill (1981) (as by Cathy Christopher)
   Nightflower (1981)
   Harvest of Desire (1982) (as by Mary Christopher)
     aka Sweeter Than Wine
   Black Saxon (1982) (as by Alex Andrews)
   Ivory Innocence (1983) (as by Susan Stevens)
   Laird of Drumm (1983) (as by Caroline Charles)
   Lady of the Moon (1983) (as by Alex Andrews)
   A Budding Rapture (1983) (as by Mary Christopher)
     aka Spring Fever
   A Man Called Mike (1984) (as by Caroline Charles)
   Until Midnight Strikes (1984) (as by Caroline Charles)
   The People of the Horse (1987)
   Wounded Falcon (1987) (as by Cathy Christopher)
   Vangelder's Daughter (1987) (as by Cathy Christopher)
   Secret of the Glen (1988) (as by Cathy Charles)
   Dark Conqueror (1988) (as by Mary Christopher)
   Homecoming Heart (1990) (as by Cathy Christopher)
   Sandringham Rose (1992)
   This Time, for Sure (1993) (as by Cathy Christopher)
   Child of Secrets (1993)
   The Clouded Land (1994)
   Return to Love (1997)
   Elusive Victory (2000)
   Wounded Falcon (2001)
   Homecoming Heart (2003)
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Series contributed to
Circle of Love
   2. Royal Wedding (1982) (as by Mary Christopher)
   17. Pamela (1977)
   35. Elusive Victory (1982) (as by Mary Christopher)
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