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(A book in the Mated to the Monster: Season 2 series)
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Valek Villainous, an incubus demon seasoned by half a century of battling rogue angels in the mortal realm, finds himself out of sorts. After such prolonged exposure to humans, he feels alienated from his infernal roots and feels eager to return to business as usual. However, as he returns to his brother's dark kingdom, he’s confronted with a sight that unsettles him further. His brother, Vesper, once a feared and ruthless tyrant, now basks in the glow of marital bliss.

The transformation is unprecedented and almost unheard of in the annals of demon lore. Demons rarely find their true mates and his brother’s newfound happiness leaves Valek grumpier and more irritable, wrestling with feelings of annoyance and perhaps a tinge of envy. When his anger becomes a problem, his brother commands him to find a way to relax and suggests Enchanted Elixir, a popular wellness retreat in the neighboring village of Mystic Grove.

Odette Blackfire has recently returned from the mortal realm after eight years raising her beloved niece in secret. Disinterested in the ruthless political games of her family, she yearns for a simple life unmarred by power struggles and subterfuge. Seeking solace and authenticity, she harmonizes the practical knowledge acquired from her time in the human dimension with the innate magical abilities coursing through her veins, culminating in the creation of her own haven of peace: a relaxation retreat nestled in the quaint and unassuming village of Mystic Grove.

There she meets a troublesome client, the notoriously grumpy brother of the Demon King of Nightshade, Valek Villainous. He’s no ordinary demon. He’s an incubus tasked since birth with collecting souls through the seduction of sleeping women. Although he's spent his life fighting this primal instinct, finding his fated mate has now made it impossible. Valek may stink at yoga. He might hate aromatherapy. And the gods know he can’t meditate to save his life.
But there��s no way he’ll fail at

This October, meet Valek and Odette, a grumpy demon and a sunshine-y witch who fall perfectly incu-bliss!


This book is part of the Mated to the Monster multi-author monster romance series. All books can be read as standalone stories.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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