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Mesha Mesh

Mesha Mesh intends to live forever, and so far so good. Her books will forever stand the test of time.

The smart, funny, outgoing Mesha Mesh was born and raised in Dallas, TX and has been a lover of books ever since she’s been old enough to read. At around the tender age of twelve, she picked up her pencil and began to write short stories that her friends and family grew to love. From there she wrote in journals and joined her high school newspaper.

Being a lover of words, and having full expressive freedom to convey her every thoughts onto paper whether it be good, bad, or funny is what prompted best selling author Mesha Mesh to pen some of the most amazing novels one could ever read.

Mesha Mesh’s novels will take you to the streets. They’re raw, edgy, sometimes hardcore with a mixture of hood love and everyday realities. There are lessons to be taught, and knowledge to be gained in each book. Her imagination is unmatched when she spins her words into novels in which you can relate. Mesha Mesh weaves her vivid tales in a way that they’ll play out like a movie in your head. You’ll want to know the characters and the author behind them.

In May of 2015 Mesha Mesh debuted her first chart-topping novel His Truth Your Nightmare. From there she has written a slew of best sellers such as I Just Wanna Leave This N*gga, It All Started With A One Night Stand and the AAMBC award-winning novel St. Pierre Boyz that she co-authored. Ever since 2015 Mesha Mesh has been voted as one of Urban Books Authors and Writers of America’s (UBAWA) Top 100 Authors.

In 2017, Mesha Mesh became the CEO of Allure Me Publications which is now Mesha Mesh Presents. She scouted talented authors from across the globe and has opened doors for them to excel in the literary industry. She publishes in the genres Urban Fiction, Urban Romance, Paranormal, Contemporary Romance, and Erotica. If you are interested in being an author, please send your title, synopsis, and the first five chapters of your manuscript to

Wanna Mob With Mesh? Join her reading group, Mobbing With Mesh- The Literary Mafia, on Facebook. There you will learn about upcoming novels, get updates on characters you’ve grown to love and have a chance to win contests and more. You can also follow her on Facebook at Mesha Mesh Clark and on Instagram @author_meshamesh. Mesha Mesh and Allure Me Presents is the name of her fan page on Facebook, and she would love to hear from you.

Genres: Urban Fiction