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PJ Manney is a former chairperson of Humanity , the author of "Empathy in the Time of Technology: How Storytelling is the Key to Empathy," and a frequent guest host and guest on podcasts including FastForward Radio. She has worked in motion-picture PR at Walt Disney/Touchstone Pictures, story development and production for independent film production companies (Hook, Universal Soldier, It Could Happen to You), and writing for television (Hercules--The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess). She also cofounded Uncharted Entertainment, writing and creating pilot scripts for television. Manney is a culture vulture and SF geek, and the daughter and mother of them, too. When not contemplating the future of humanity, she is a mother, wife, PTA volunteer and education activist in California.

Genres: Science Fiction
Phoenix Horizon
   1. (R)evolution (2015)
   2. (ID)entity (2017)
   3. (CON)science (2021)
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Philip K Dick Award Best Book nominee (2015) : (R)evolution