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Rosalyn McMillan

Rosalyn McMillan is the sister of Terry McMillan, a best-selling writer whose success has led publishing houses to actively recruit new black women writers. Terry McMillans success may often times seem to overshadow her younger sisters success, but if it does, the younger McMillan does not appear to feel daunted by the comparisons. Certainly, the degree of her sisters influence or guidance is an issue that Rosalyn McMillan faces often. Many of the reviews of her books mention that she is the younger sister of a best-selling author, and initially, at least, it was difficult for McMillan to focus attention on her writing and away from her sisters. In an interview with Sonya A. Clark, for the Southern Women Writers website, McMillan stated that her sister has not critiqued any of her work, nor do they have any plans to co-author a novel together. Although she has worked at a number of other jobs while searching for a creative voice, eventually this author of five novels has found success as a romance novelist without relying upon her older sisters help.

Genres: Romance

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