It has been said that every person has a story to tell. I am most honored to announce that in Jacob Evans, Steve Manchester proves that each life has many stories to tell. In fact, whether our experiences are random or intended, the author shows us that there would never be enough time in any life to write down everything that is significant enough to tell. In Jacob Evans, life begins on a blank canvas where each new experience, or life event, helps to paint the masterpiece. Each story builds one atop the other until the smallest details reveal the bigger picture. Life is marked by memories made, not clocks or calendars. And, regardless of the finished product, the author insures that there will never be another like it. Containing thirty-eight complete stories, this eclectic collection of experiences begins with the birth of Jacob Evans and ends with his death. Everything from romance and spirituality to suspense and macabre can be found, each standing firmly on its own. When read in order, however, these thirty-eight tales of life become a simple story of one man's journey, with all the complexities that make such a trip worthwhile. Like life's path, which is never traveled as expected, there are many twists and turns; bumps and obstacles to overcome. - Russell N. McCarthy, Esq.

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