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Susannah McFarlane

Australia (b.1965)

aka Mac Park

Susannah McFarlane is a successful childrens book author who, after many years working as a publisher, now spends her time writing and creating stories that kids love to read.

She is the creator and writer of the awarding-winning EJ12 Girl Hero series, the creator and co-author of the hugely popular series for boys, Boy vs Beast, and the author of the Little Mates series of alphabet books for under fives.

Susannah, who was also the original concept creator of two of Australias leading tween fiction series Go Girl! and Zac Power, understands kids and loves creating stories they enjoy to read. Her understanding and belief in the need for age-appropriate but fun content for kids comes from over twenty years experience as a childrens book publisher and from having worked with some of the worlds leading brands and writers. Susannah actually counts Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh, Tintin, and Enid Blyton as friends, not just former colleagues!

Susannah is also the founding director of Lemonfizz Media, a boutique childrens publisher that focuses on developing a small number of publishing projects across all content platforms, and a speaker on childrens publishing for the RMIT Editing and Publishing course.

She was previously the managing director of Egmont Books UK; the vice-president of the Egmont Group; the coowner, managing director and publisher of Hardie Grant Egmont; a contributor to the UK trade journal Publishing News; and the Convenor of the Childrens Publishing Committee and Board Director of the Australian Publishers Association.

EJ12 Girl Hero
   1. Hot And Cold (2010)
   2. Jump Start (2012)
   3. In The Dark (2010)
   4. Rocky Road (2010)
   5. Choc Shock (2010)
   6. On The Ball (2012)
   7. Making Waves (2010)
   8. Drama Queen (2011)
   9. Out of this World (2011)
   10. Pyramid Puzzle (2011)
   11. Christmas Countdown (2011)
   12. Secret Safari (2012)
   13. Fashion Fraud (2012)
   14. Kimono Code (2012)
   15. Big Brother (2013)
   16. Time To Shine (2013)
   17. Spooked! (2013)
   18. Ciao EJ! (2014)
   19. False Note (2015)
   20. True Light (2015)
   21. EJ Shines! (2016)
EJ Spy School
   1. The Test (2014)
   2. The Race (2014)
   3. Secret Spy (2014)
   4. Puppy Alert (2014)
   5. Deep Water (2014)
   6. Hide and Peek (2014)
   7. Speedy Spy (2015)
   8. Lights Out! (2015)
   9. Birthday Secrets! (2016)
   10. The Big Jump (2016)
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