HL Nighbor

Genres: Romantic Suspense
   Getting Schooled (2018) (with Kenadee Bryant, Chevoque, Rita Delude, Poppy Dubois, Bella J, Allysia Myers and K L Ramsey)
   Then There Was You (2019) (with Freya Barker, Anna Brooks, L A Cotton, Lauren Dawes, Gianna Gabriela, Evan Grace, Alex Grayson, Heather Lyn and Dani René)
   Falling For Them Volume 2 (2017) (with Nikki Bolvair, L A Boruff, Lyn Forester, LA Kirk, Amanda Perry and K Swanson)
   Nip of Frost (2017) (with J L Akins, Nikki Bolvair, Lyn Forester, HK Khan, LA Kirk, ZL Morris, Amy Sumida, K Swanson and Arizona Tape)
   Rocked to the Core (2020) (with Heather Anne, J L Baldwin, Nicole Banks, Chelle C Craze, Brittany Crowley, Sarah Darlington, Letha Gene, Lisa B Kamps, Elizabeth Knox, E C Land, Joanna Makepeace, Angela Nicole, Liberty Parker, Courtney Lynn Rose, Jaime Russell, M A Stone, Aubree Valentine, A C Williams and Nicole Zoltack)